A downloadable asset pack

This is my current progress on my latest environment. I thought I would upload this so that I could get feedback on my foundations (no props yet other than the duvet and pillow) and apply the feedback rather than getting feedback and ignoring it. 

This project is currently being driven from 1 x 4K texture map that is split down in to different components (as seen in the screenshots) and I have a good amount of space left to work with. I have 2 x 2K maps left (which I will probably use for dirt decals and posters) and 7 x 1K maps left for any bakes or textures that I will want within my environment. This could be fake branded meals, water bottles, baked clothes etc etc. Lots of space to play with! :)

Any links to any resources will be extremely helpful (especially in lighting) and I really appreciate any feedback given. Don't be afraid to be harsh, I want to push this as far as I can!
This is also my first time modelling in a different programme (went from 3ds Max to Blender) and I have loved every minute of it! 

For more of my work, see my portfolio here:

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